Exhibition 2011 – 2012

images_Exhibition_IMG_5077(1)Kylies 1st prise Winner copy

Judges Paul Bishop Mc and Artist Bryley Langley Judged Kylie Collins as the Gold prize winner at Georgette's Art Exhibition & Competition with her Sculpture Titled "Bakana".

Celia recieving 2nd Prize 7 Celia'

Second prize was taken out by Celia Swales with her Sculpture Titled "Rosa"

Mrudula and judges 5Mrudula's little man with flute

Third prize was taken out by Mrudula Carpenter with her Sculpture Titled " Krishna"


Kayleen Jensen took out Encouragement Award with her sculpture Titled "Shunammite"

IMG_5101 2IMG_5100

Dan Babtista and Mrudula Carpenter with their work in progress

Exhibition 2012 from Grace Hayley with Guitar

We had the pleasure of Hayley Kitchener singing for us, and it was very much appreciated and enjoyed, thank you Hayley, you have a beautiful voice and are very talented

IMG_4994Croud on Patio , Lesley

Georgette's Art Gallery was also open for the Guest to view her Sculptures as well as her students art

Croud on Patio.Croud and Art 2


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