Georgette Schwantes was born in Egypt of British parents and educated privately in London, where early signs of artistic talent were noted. She was offered a bursary to Art College but this was not to be, as her interests were more artistic than academic. Georgette pursued the course of open classes at the National and other galleries and has travelled extensively in pursuit of her interests. Her artistic studies were enhanced by tutelage from various independent professional artists. Georgette has completed a degree in fine art – sculpture in the early seventies at the Ealing College of the Arts in the UK. Her sculptures have sold into private and company collections throughout Australia and in 8 overseas countries. Prizes and commendations have been awarded from numerous art festivals and exhibitions across Australia.

Georgette has made Australia her home and has been sculpturing in Brisbane since 1975.  She has also taught sculpture at Moreton Institute of TAFE.  Examples of her sculptures are in the collections of a number of private collectors as well as at Ormiston College.

Georgette now teaches privately at her studio gallery in Birkdale, where you can purchase quality one off original sculptures direct from the Artist . Teaching sculpture to students and helping them to create an original sculpture to decorate their home. Sculpting is very therapeutic the most beneficial part you will derive from it, is its therapeutic effects, as its far more beneficial than sitting crossed legged contemplating your navel. Read more about the sculpture classes here.

What is art? To some people it’s something they buy, to either decorate Their wall, as in a painting – or – decorate their furniture, as in a piece of sculpture. Art to me, is something quite different. I strongly believe that art is an experience, and it has to be experienced.

Ever since I can remember, I have always enjoyed creating art. I would Draw anything and everything; be it my hand, foot, a tree, the subject was not The issue. The pleasure I derived and still do, from my art is not from finishing a piece, but rather the journey in creating it. I am always reluctant to sign a piece off, as that is acknowledging that it is finished. Then sadness comes over me, similar to the sadness at the end of a love affair.

“To me, sculpturing, is like no other art form. For me, there is no better way to express myself, my feelings, dealing with a three dimensional form; one I can feel, not only with my hands but with my very soul. When I am working with my clay, I lose myself in it, time stands still, five hours can fly by and it can feel like five minutes. I am no longer in control of it, it has a soul all of it’s own, the presence of pure energy is running through me. I can feel it directing my hands, oh! what joy, what ecstasy, I am flying, I am out of this world. When the clay starts to talk to me, I become one with it and the beauty of it overwhelms me.

“There was a reporter who took a picture of one of my sculptures at an exhibition, and, unable to contact me, proceeded to publish it in the Sunday Mail with the heading of “Figure out this Figurine”. I mean, really! It’s quite plain to see that the figurine is a part of me, and how could anyone figure out me, when me, is part of the figurine.

Ormiston College Exhibit

Nudgee College Museum

In 2013, Georgette’s sculpture won 1st prize at the Nudgee College Art Festival.

The sculpture is proudly on display at the Nudgee College Museum

Sculpture at Nudgee College