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Sculpting is all about seeing the line and levels and the face is the best way to learn that.

California USA, 06/08/2014

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In 2014 I had a holiday in Australia. I was fortunate to be able to take a course in sculpting at Georgette’s Art Studio. I was amazed at what I saw the students producing. I loved the ambiance there and everybody was friendly to me. I soon relaxed and under the guidance of Georgette I too had produced a remarkable sculpture. I must add that this holiday was the most therapeutic holiday I have ever had. I can highly recommend her courses. I now have a beautiful finished sculpture in my home on display.
Dorothy Walker Wright, California USA

Melbourne, 08/09/2011

Antoinette came from Melbourne for a whole day completing the three session and this is what she took back to Melbourne with her as a reference for her future sculptures.

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Hi Georgette,

My Sculpture got home and I put Georgette, that is her name….. in with the luggage, I put “fragile’ on it. Georgette got home safely, I love her Georgette…..Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your classes.  This was such a treat for me. I had so much fun and your students are just the best,   You are a great teacher.  I will send you a picture and what I thought of my time with you next week. With all this I look at my “Georgette” and say I did something I wanted to do for three years and I am happy. Thank you again Georgette, when I look at her I will think of you and the day. I will talk some more next week. So until then keep safe and pass my thoughts to the others. Love Antoinette.  Melbourne Australia

Clermont Queensland, 03/04/2008

Trichelle Henning came from Clermont in North Queensland after finding that Georgette was going to teach at the Grafton Art Fair. She was delighted to have the Tuition from Georgette at half the fee from Grafton college

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Dear Georgette,

Thank you for making my dream a reality, I had always wanted to do a sculpture class, In Clermont there is not a lot of things to do and I wanted to do something for myself. I found you on the Internet and when I saw photos of what other students were doing, I said to myself ” That’s what I want to do”

Many thanks for your patience with me, I appreciate it.

Trichelle Henning.



Georgia USA, 24/08/2006

Angela Goff found Georgette’s web site while she was pottering in the USA and got so excited that she decided to take a course of sculpting with Georgette, she took back two sculptures with her to Georgia for her freelance and intends to incorporate it with her pottery.

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Hello, Georgette!!

I have learned a lot more under you than before…it’s the way I learn, too:  to have someone give me straight facts, with hands-on directions, then step back and let me struggle with it until I’m ready for the next step= or the correction of the last one, as the case may be. Just the fact that you get to put your hands on the clay straightaway and see other pieces in progress around you is great, it gives you a goal to shoot for, an idea of what you’re heading into from the very beginning.

Thank you Georgette

Angela Goff

Georgia. USA

Maidenhead, England, 06/05/2005

Mr Hans Frankham decided on fulfilling his ambition to sculpt and on his retirement came here to take a course on sculpting with Georgette, he completed two pieces while here in Australia and was thrilled with what he had established and learned from Georgette.

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Dear Georgette,

Thank you for being so open with your knowledge, although I have sculpted before in England, your method was quite different and a real eye opener into sculpting.  ” I thought I could sculpt when I came to you”

I thoroughly enjoyed the ambiance of your studio.

Take care and thank you again for your tuition.

Hans Frankham.