Restoration of damaged Art works.

Should you have any Art work that has been damaged in transit or accidentally, Georgette through her many years experience will lovingly restore your precious art work to as close to it’s original form as possible.

Pat’s warrior restored

img_3544img_3442Pat's son, while on holiday over seas posted this gift of a warrior to his mother, unfortunately it had a rough ride, Pat is now happy to have it restored to its original condition....

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Jackie’s Bowl Restauration

IMG_0358A happy clients testimonial:
Hi Georgette

Thanks again for the repair to my bowl.

"My pottery bowl had a piece missing and a large crack from the edge to the centre of the bowl and was in danger of just splitting in half. Georgette did a great job on the...

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Restoration of Mr Rod Giesemann sculpture

IMG_0055 Mr Giesemann bought this sculpture  overseas, unfortunately it got damaged on its journey to Australia. I think the look on Mr Giesemann show that he is now very happy to have it restored to its original conditions.

Clients Testimonial:

Dear Georgette,

I wish to thank you immensely for the...

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Alana’s tea pot



IMG_3811 Mrs Alana Bolger's much loved tea pot accidentally broke and it has now been restored so it will again be able to be used....

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Restoration of a sculptured Doll

broken sculpturerepair to sculptureHere are the before and after shots of a clay doll sculpture I repaired. It was purchased overseas and damaged in transit on its return back to Australia. The owners were devastated to find that...

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