One more art class and her sculpture will be ready to get fired

Paulina is just about finished, one more art class and her sculpture will be ready to get fired. I love the strong woman look of her sculpture.  The head dress with its leaf like front, is quite unique and the necklace is rather like an Egyptians – with all its carving within. we might be able to get a better picture of her outfit, which is draping over her right shoulder and of the snake bracelet on her left upper arm. Paulina is very dedicated to her sculpturing and is doing very well as she hasn’t been sculpting long but is really progressing very nicely and loves the company in the art class as she has made a few friends here.

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Georgette Schwantes

Georgette Schwantes

An accredited TAFE teacher with a lifetime of experience. Georgette now teaches others to create amazing sculptures in a peaceful and positive social environment.

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