It has felt like a privilege to experience the birthing of a clay creation! To let go & let the process happen is an invaluable lesson. The capability of the clay is comforting as you learn that there are no wrong choices & begin to play. Letting go of your own agenda & being a channel for the clay feels wonderful. Thank you for guiding us through that Georgette, you are a skilled teacher & a master sculptor. Amy Youngs. Birkdale Brisbane

Amy Youngs, Birkdale Brisbane

It has been an amazing journey to learn new skills that I thought I never had. There is an Artist with-in all of us. The Sculpting course has been a wonderful experience, you too might think this is not for you but it will surprise you as you make your own spirit guide with your hands.
John Smith Birkdale Brisbane

John Smith, Birkdale Brisbane

It was just luck that I found Georgette on a TV program, The Great South East, in May 2012. People making fascinating sculptures with her captured my attention right away. In our first meeting, I liked her artistic integrity and positive attitude so decided to be her student.

Since I was a beginner I did not have clear idea about my first sculpture. Instead of waiting for something to trigger some sort of eureka moment for my first art, I just worked a little by a little with Georgette. During the time, she continuously assured me I am on the right tract to making something good and any mistake can be transformed into rather nice things.

To be honest, I never thought about more than 5 minutes ahead while I was working on my sculpture. I was just enjoying being there; feeling clay in my hands, listening to music from the radio, and talking to people and laughing together. I still love every moment I spent in Georgette’s Art because my mind was absolutely there.


Olivia Kim

I had wanted to do a sculpture class for many years, but the time never seemed to be right. I had kept a pamphlet about Georgette's Art for approximately 6 years. In November 2012 my husband Lee and I, lost our beautiful son Riley just hours before birth. This seemed like the the perfect time to engage in something creative to support my grief in a positive way.

I started classes just 5 weeks after losing Riley. I was raw, probably even more than I realised. I explained to Georgette that my husband and I had a plan. We wanted to buy a house and plant a Jacaranda tree. We were going to create a space in our garden known as- Riley's Place.
My plan was to use sculpture to learn something new and connect with my son by creating a tangible sculpture of him. The sculpture would sit under the tree.

The classes were fantastic! I met wonderful people that let me express stories of Riley freely. It helped. Such great therapy. The women and men were interesting and hilarious. Georgette supported me to improve my skill of sculpture and became a great support to me during this very difficult time.

I have finished two sculptures- "Sarah" the head, and of course my beautiful "Riley Elliott Maskiell". I am now very pregnant with our second child, we are hoping that we get to take this treasured baby home. So, I have to say goodbye to classes for a while, but I will continue practising at home. Thank you Georgette, you have given me and my husband so much and who knows you may just find me sculpting under the Jacaranda tree. Hope to see you soon. Xxxx All my love
Kelly Elliott- Maskiell

Kelly Elliott-Maskiell, Brisbane

I am a past student of Georgette Schwantes Sculpture Classes, and would still attend them if I lived in Queensland.
With the skills I learned from Georgette, I have had hours of enjoyment and some praise for my work over a few years , including

First Prize, Swan Hill Show
First Prize, Sunbury Show
Third prize Sunbury Show
Second prize, Kyneton Show
First Prize, Kyneton Show
Best Exhibit of Show, Kyneton Show.

I would recommend Georgette’s Sculpture Classes to anyone wishing to develop a sound base of skills in this art form.
I may be contacted for confirmation:
[email protected]

Your classes have served me very well, Georgette. Thank you.

Kathleen V. McLennan, Melbourne

Seven years ago, I started a sculpture course with Georgette. I am not " Arty" at all and I was amazed at my piece of work at the end of the 11 week course, thanks to Georgette's guidance and patience. Because I am well known in my family for being not "Arty" at all, a relative thought that my work had come out of a clay mould. 🙂
I found the class to be totally informal, friendly with lots of laughter during our tea break. Besides That, the class was very therapeutic for me,
Try it, you won't regret it. I Loved it. *****

Florise Steindl, Melbourne

I was never an arty person and when I decided to take some clay sculpture classes a few years ago I never expected to be able to create the sculptures I did!!
Georgette will help you do just that; guide you, teach you and unleash your artistic side and you'll enjoy every minute of it and you'll come back for more for sure.

Isabelle Boulliant, New Zealand

Thanks Georgette. It was a lovely afternoon at your 2014 Exhibition. As always a wonderful display of your ability to bring out the best in people. .well done.

Sofie Economous, Cleveland

I have recently started my first sculpture at Georgette's Art. I really love the classes and look forward to attending each week. Georgette is so talented and a wonderful teacher.

Lisa Kaniyur, Birkdale

After relocating from a rural coastal area to Brisbane, I was right out of my comfort zone . I didn't know anybody, was lonely and missing my country property . I saw a notice about sculpturing classes and decided to enrol . Upon arrival at Georgette's I saw the photos that covered the wall of completed works. I said to Georgette that her work was amazing. Georgette replied that's not my work that's the students work. I said i could never do anything like that ! Georgette said anybody can. Georgette's classes are relaxing,inspiring, enhancing, fun and full of wonderful people from all walks of life. I look forward to going every week and will continue to sculpt when I return back home.
Thank you Georgette for bringing out the artistic side of me that I never knew existed.

Kathryn Dupuy-Bowden, Birkdale