Young Living Essentials Oils Australasia Pty Ltd Commission


11th of August 2012.

When Young Living Essential oils Australasia were looking for a promotion for their business, they were recommended to seek out Georgette Schwantes.
20 individually crafted Bronzed Apple Core’s were sculpted and mounted with the inscription

” Is Young Living Your Core Business “

Client Testimonial

Dear Georgette,
When a customer isn’t sure what they want, how to describe what they want or even if the feat is possible within the given time frame, your positive, relaxed attitude is a blessing. I was so lucky to have found you! Our odd need for sculpted apple cores together with your talent flexibility and understanding was a mixture of inconceivable good fortune for us. It is a sign of your personal character and skills that you were able to complete such a weird and wonderful task for us with in such a short time frame.
You favoured your works before you had produced them and even after they had left your hands. You recommended Pack & Send to post them without breakage. Your high standards and genuine consideration for your customers’ needs is extraordinary and for that reason you and your business exceed average by far.

Thank you so much for everything.
Warmest regards,

Sandra Spreadborough
Executive Assistant and Events Coordinator
Young Living Essential Oils Australasia Pty Ltd
P (07) 3859 2000 | F (07) 3715 7933
P.O.BOX 548 | Sumner Park BC | QLD  4074

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Georgette Schwantes

Georgette Schwantes

An accredited TAFE teacher with a lifetime of experience. Georgette now teaches others to create amazing sculptures in a peaceful and positive social environment.

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