Portrate of Rachel in a modest position Commission

IMG_2662Mr FeIMG_6091nnel contacted me as he wanted a portraiture of his beloved wife  in a modest nude position for her approaching 40th birthday, both Mr and Mrs Fennel came around and viewed my Gallery. Mrs Rachel Fennel fell in love with the pose of one of my sculptures and I positioned her in the same pose with a little difference by tilting her head on an angle.

Client Testimonial

Hi Georgette,
Yes we love it and "The Rachel" takes pride of place in our house Life is unrecognisable for us in Cairns happy, lots of adventure and creating meaningful projects I too hope your life and business are meaningful and we treasure your piece of art. On completion Mr & Mrs Fennel come around to collect their commission and as soon as Mrs Fennel saw her sculpture, she gasped and said, "Oh my God, it looks exactly like me! "  That was the best compliment she could have given me.
Mr and Mrs Fennel are now building a special place in their home for "Rachel number 2"

James D Fennell

Executive Director FAICD Urban Properties
Cairns, Australia
Real Estate

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