Now is the time to relax and slow down

Now to the Carving out this life-size clay boy tomorrow.  It will be an achievement for this sculptor to have achieved.  It is a gift for a loved one.  A beautiful ave achieved.  It is a gift for a loved one.  A beautiful feature in any...

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Christmas lunch

Christmas art sculpture class lunch. The owners of Oxley’s on the Bay at Wellington point, are Andrea and Tony who went to a lot of trouble by decorating the table for us. The food was delicious and they are also Licenced. Highly recommend it for food...

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Health is enriched by playing with clay

Health is our wealth. The benefits of Art for our mental health is grossly understated. The benefits are endless.  It reduces stress, encourages creative thinking, builds self-esteem and helps to stop the chattering monkey in our mind.   It also evokes feelings of happiness, love, and empathy.


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Duck sculpted in clay during the art class

Duck is coming along nicely for Jeannette. The sculpture is handcrafted in stoneware clay.  aIt's a relief which will hang on the wall as a picture. The Duck amongst the reeds with some lotus leaves and pods.

Christmas Gift certificates are now available...

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Hazel in enjoying the challenge in clay

Hazel taking on her biggest yet challenge with her new creation of a clay sculpture.  The clay young girl is leaning back on a tree trunk and has one leg in front of the other.  She has a dress that is loosely fitting her.  Her arms...

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Exhibition 2019 video


 The gallery is open every Thursday from 9 am until 9 pm.

Or by appointment. 07 3822 7668 or 0403 128 380 Georgette

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