Tracey takes her completed bronzed sculpture home

Tracey with her completed first sculpture, by the look on her face I think she is pretty happy with her efforts and has enjoyed it so much that has already started on an other, I feel that Tracey not only enjoys the art of sculpting but also the comradeship of the group.
On-going classes of Art Therapy are held every week. Teaching sculpture to students and helping them to create an original sculpture to decorate their home while relaxing, the student's learn to sculpt anything! Sculpting is very therapeutic the most beneficial part you will derive from it, is its therapeutic effects, as its far more beneficial than sitting crossed legged contemplating your navel. Much more fun than just pottery or ceramics. Sculpture Tuition is with small groups and lots of personal attention with a great atmosphere.
If you would like to make a gift of Art Lessons to someone special, we can easily provide a Gift Voucher Certificate . $400.- for an 8 week tuition block, with all materials and tools included. Each session in duration of 3 hours with any message at no extra cost.

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