Nerida starting on her first ever clay sculpture in Birkdale

Nerida is quite excited to start on her first ever clay sculpture. So good for our mental health to always be leaning something new.  All beginners start with sculpting a head, it’s the best way to learn the line and the levels of sculpting. After learning the basics, you can tell me what you would like to accomplish and I can help you to achieve it.  Call Georgette on: 0403 128 380  for more info on how to join.

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Georgette Schwantes

Georgette Schwantes

An accredited TAFE teacher with a lifetime of experience. Georgette now teaches others to create amazing sculptures in a peaceful and positive social environment.

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Home-work in progress of her clay sculpture

Home-work nearly completed.  Donna-Marie has achieved  this all by herself at home.  Techniques are learned during the art sculpturing class and taken home to practice.

Beautiful shaped head by Angela

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Art-sculpturing group in Birkdale

Art-sculpturing adult social group with clay sculpture classes in Birkdale. A group of adults come together every Thursday to learn the art of clay sculpturing.