Art group in Birkdale

Art gathering every Thursday to create original sculptures at 32 Claremont Street Birkdale. So therapeutic to let go after a day work and create, just touching the clay seams to relax you and take you back in time when you were building sandcastles, bringing a relaxation through out your body as you connect with your creation.

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Georgette Schwantes

Georgette Schwantes

An accredited TAFE teacher with a lifetime of experience. Georgette now teaches others to create amazing sculptures in a peaceful and positive social environment.

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Nearly completed now, Jan has carved out her clay sculpture during the art classes in Birkdale Brisbane. Jan has completed a beautiful ear, the mouth

One of the Exhibits!

One of the exhibits! on the 29/10 at Georgettesart Gallery & Studio 32 Claremont Street Birkdale. FREE entry ALL WELCOME from 2-4pm 🙂 Getting excited!