It was just luck that I found Georgette on a TV program, The Great South East, in May 2012. People making fascinating sculptures with her captured my attention right away. In our first meeting, I liked her artistic integrity and positive attitude so decided to be her student.

Since I was a beginner I did not have clear idea about my first sculpture. Instead of waiting for something to trigger some sort of eureka moment for my first art, I just worked a little by a little with Georgette. During the time, she continuously assured me I am on the right tract to making something good and any mistake can be transformed into rather nice things.

To be honest, I never thought about more than 5 minutes ahead while I was working on my sculpture. I was just enjoying being there; feeling clay in my hands, listening to music from the radio, and talking to people and laughing together. I still love every moment I spent in Georgette’s Art because my mind was absolutely there.

How are you Georgette? My sculpture has been delivered in Claremont and I love it so much. I’m not so sure whether I will colour it or not because it’s so beautiful that I don’t feel it’s mine. However, it is going to be my reference and my teacher for a while. My husband likes it too so he wants to keep it in his study. As soon as he saw the sculpture, he said “Oh, that’s mine” 🙂 I don’t know how to thank you Georgette. You’ve been so good to me.
I will miss your class so much and whenever I lose my confidence I will think of you saying “Don’t doubt yourself, always think I can do this”.
Please say hello to everybody for me. I already miss my sculpture class.
Best regards

Olivia Kim

Olivia Kim, Claremont Queensland

Hi Georgette,

Just a little hello to say I really enjoyed last Thursday, what a wonderful experience last Thursday night was. You create a lovely relaxing and yet professional environment that is so inspiring. Looking forward to next week. It was very enjoyable.

Thank you !

Kayleen Jensen,

Apart from one or two things I made when with Georgette (where I discovered my deep down hidden talent of sculpting), I think more importantly one of the best things in life has happened to me while there..;-))
Thank you Georgette.

Mehmet Doktan,

Dear Georgette. We just want to say again how thrilled we are with Susan 2. She is truly more amazing than we ever imagined! All our friends are pretty impressed too! She has pride of place. Many thanks again.

Susan & Warwick Shaw, Redcliffe, Queensland