I attended the last Exhibition held by this talented sculptor. I was certainly surprised by the profusion of art works on display. The students were in attendance and their works were also on display.
It was lovely to see the easy relationship between teacher and student and student and student. This fact, coupled with the beautiful surroundings, made me think how great it would be to receive tuition here. It is wonderful that we have such great talent in our local area.

Glennis Lyons, Birkdale

I decided to inquire about Georgette's sculpture classes 3 and a half years ago. I had always been interested in art and sculpture and was seeking an avenue to express any creativity that was still lurking inside me! I was going through a very difficult emotional time in my life and was hoping that doing the course would be a distraction and provide a positive and creative outlet for me . Georgette invited me to visit an exhibition of present students work and to meet her.
WOW!!! was I impressed and couldn't wait to start!! Georgette is delightful- a wonderful, very creative and fun person.The other students are great and the atmosphere out on Georgette's verandah overlooking her tropical garden is so relaxing.
Thursdays at Georgette's have got me through some very difficult times and I love going. And I have some terrific sculptures that I never thought I would be able to create.!
Thanks Georgette for your expert tuition and support . I'm addicted to my clay days!!

Sheryl Thimios, Bulimba

Oh wow what an amazing experience I had at Georgettes Art! Over 3 fantastically fun years I attended the Thursday night class and I loved every minute of it. Even though I don't have an artistic bone in my body, Georgette helped me unleash my creative side and I sculpted four unique art works that decorate my home and are often commented on. I highly recommend this talented teacher for anyone looking to try something different.

Michelle Hartnen, Brisbane

I met Georgette years ago after a long search for somebody who could teach me the art of sculpturing, as that was what I wanted to do. I am 70 years old now, and I still very much enjoy to create in clay,thanks to the principles Georgette taught me....
She makes beautiful, perfect sculptures...We always kept in kontakt, and I still admire her work.
For me....I love sculpturing and developed my own style, but without Georgette's input, I was still pottering around, as there are not really a lot of teachers in sculpturing who can do what Georgette is doing. I definitely will recommend her.

Grace Fransz, Bellbourie

Georgette's Art is a wonderful place to learn to sculpt using clay. Her depth of experience and supportive manner make her an ideal teacher whether you have any art experience or not. The classes are well structured and fun to be a part of. I have numerous sculptures now that I am very proud of and get lots of compliments about.

Dan Babtista, Brisbane

Wow! What a find...... I've always wanted to learn how to sculpt with clay but was often 'put off' by the 'classroom' environment where you frequently feel rushed through a set program, learning very little. Then I discovered Georgettes! This tranquil, friendly, fun atmosphere was just the break from the chaos of life i needed..... It has become my weekly therapy!! Georgettes incredible talent and encouragement is truly addictive!!!

Caroline Wraight, Brisbane

In 2014 I had a holiday in Australia. I was fortunate to be able to take a course in sculpting at Georgette's Art Studio. I was amazed at what I saw the students producing. I loved the ambiance there and everybody was friendly to me. I soon relaxed and under the guidance of Georgette I too had produced a remarkable sculpture. I must add that this holiday was the most therapeutic holday I have ever had. I can highly recommend her courses. I now have a beautiful finished sculpture in my home on display.

Dorothy Walker Wright, California USA

I attended Georgette's sculpting class for 3 years and can recommend highly her professionalism and helpfulness. I enjoyed her class very much and as well as sculpting during her class you get the chance to practice at home. She has created a very relaxing atmosphere and it is most enjoyable whether you are artistic or not to begin with.

Lesley Cavell, Ipswich

I found the experience of attending Georgette's sculpture classes wonderful. The ambiance in the tuition area, relaxing in the very tropical atmosphere of Georgette's verandah - with a cuppa (sometimes a glass of wine) and chatting with new (or old) friends while we work away couldn't be nicer. Over a continuous 7 years attending Georgette's classes I created many sculptures that I absolutely love and have in my home and patio, also some I've sold & some I've given to family. Georgette is a very accomplished tutor and no one will EVER take home a sculpture that they are not proud to take home.
It's very interesting to see how the different student's sculptures evolve; people can be so imaginative & creative when given the right medium with which to express themselves and this is definitely one that will draw the 'magic' out of ANYONE. Thank you Georgette.

Pauline Harvey, Brisbane

After suffering a huge loss at the end of last year I decided to try something new. I've never been "arty", but thought now was the time to try. Georgette's class is a great place to learn the art of clay sculpture in a relaxed and friendly environment. I would highly recommend Georgettes Art to anyone looking for something to escape the daily grind and "de-stress" while learning a new skill.

Jennifer nixon-Rennie, Brisbane