I found the experience of attending Georgette's sculpture classes wonderful. The ambiance in the tuition area, relaxing in the very tropical atmosphere of Georgette's verandah - with a cuppa (sometimes a glass of wine) and chatting with new (or old) friends while we work away couldn't be nicer. Over a continuous 7 years attending Georgette's classes I created many sculptures that I absolutely love and have in my home and patio, also some I've sold & some I've given to family. Georgette is a very accomplished tutor and no one will EVER take home a sculpture that they are not proud to take home.
It's very interesting to see how the different student's sculptures evolve; people can be so imaginative & creative when given the right medium with which to express themselves and this is definitely one that will draw the 'magic' out of ANYONE. Thank you Georgette.

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Pauline Harvey, Brisbane