I decided to inquire about Georgette's sculpture classes 3 and a half years ago. I had always been interested in art and sculpture and was seeking an avenue to express any creativity that was still lurking inside me! I was going through a very difficult emotional time in my life and was hoping that doing the course would be a distraction and provide a positive and creative outlet for me . Georgette invited me to visit an exhibition of present students work and to meet her.
WOW!!! was I impressed and couldn't wait to start!! Georgette is delightful- a wonderful, very creative and fun person.The other students are great and the atmosphere out on Georgette's verandah overlooking her tropical garden is so relaxing.
Thursdays at Georgette's have got me through some very difficult times and I love going. And I have some terrific sculptures that I never thought I would be able to create.!
Thanks Georgette for your expert tuition and support . I'm addicted to my clay days!!

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Sheryl Thimios, Bulimba