Morning Art Sculpturing class in Birkdale

What a lovely group I have in my sculpturing class, creating one off originals to decorate their homes / garden and as gifts to loved ones, so much nicer than a bought gift.  At the same time making new friends and getting the health benefits to enrich...

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Carolines clay sculpture fairy is coming along nicely

Do you want something that you enjoy so much that you lose track of time? Have a look at what a lovely job Caroline is creating of her sculpture of a fairy, Time for Caroline is irrelevant. watch this space to see it completed with its metal...

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Morning Art Class of sculpturing in Birkdale

What a lovely group of ladies, such fun and a great ambience amongst them, I had a comment from a male student last Thursday, he said: "I see different people here all the time and they all know each other."  I told him that they have all...

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