Jacqueline adding a plat to her first sculpture

Jacqueline adding a plat to her first sculpture and doing a great job at it too, not an easy task as its quite fiddly involving tools as opposed to moulding the face where we mainly use our hands and its like touching an other person. well done...

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Jeanette Tucker’s first small sculpture

Jeanette Tucker is working on her first small sculpture and is finding it a challenge as she has succeeded extremely well while sculpting her previous larger sculptures. Small is always harder as its fiddly, hence why we always start with a life size head which is the best...

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Info on Clay sculpting classes at Georgettes art Gallery and studio

Georgettes Art Gallery and Studio in Birkdale, The aim is to help students develop high expectations for their learning and life, within a supportive, safe and secure environment that encourages independence, adaptability and resilience for learning, enquire online today.

Clay sculpture classes

Classes are held every week on a Thursday,...

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Sheryl’s clay flower pot which she created during class,

Sheryl's clay flower pot boot has fired up beautifully and she is now working on its twin, which should be completed this coming Thursday. I love the way Sheryl thinks outside the square for original one off sculptures, to not only, decorate her house and garden but...

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