Original handcrafted one of a kind sculptures

Original clay sculpture of an African head, handcrafted in Stoneware.  Titled " Sangoma " 38cm x 64cm.  In my Gallery now and available to view on request. A certificate of Authenticity accompanies all my sculpture.

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Abused. Enough is enough!

Abused, women have had enough of being abused and are fighting back!  Here is a Clay sculpture of a woman's face being distorted by a man's hands from behind.  I believe it's now being called Gaslighting. Manipulating someone by psychological means, into doubting their own sanity.  That seeks...

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Thursday’s art sculpturing clay classes.

Thursday's, On-Going Art Classes for three hours, 9-12pm, 1-4pm & 6-9pm.  People find their way to a beautiful relaxing, Feng Shui Garden In Birkdale, where they relax in good company and learn the art of sculpting. People from all around Australia, from Melbourne to Claremont in Queensland and...

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Pottery not! but Clay Sculpture Class

Pottery it is not! In today’s society, everything seems to be controlled by deadlines and pressure to perform, both at home and in the workplace.  When under stress we self - medicate with food, alcohol, coffee, and cigarettes.  Living on adrenalin we then become irritable, inefficient, complaining...

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Classroom of Art Clay creativity

Classroom of clay sculptures being created.  This is Julies first-ever sculpture and she is doing a fantastic job oh her beginner's project which is a life-size head. Students learn the practical aspects of clay sculpture from the foundation up. Guided by Georgette, students learn how to construct...

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Unspoken A One Of a Kind Stoneware Sculpture

Unspoken is the Tittle of one of my sculptures.  A One Of a Kind original, handcrafted in stoneware, it's a Relief Sculpture, which means it hangs on the wall as in a painting and is accompanied with a certificate of Authenticity. Its title fits the sculpture which has...

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