Exhibition Art from 2019 to 2020

Winner 2019! Exhibition and Competition, at the annual event @ Georgettes Art, was Sally Smith with her second sculpture titled: "Waiting" of a little boy kneeling. Sally said: " This was the first thing that I have ever won."

"Second place was Dale Ansell, sadly she was not able to attend so I have to accept her trophy, certificate, and a voucher for her. Dale sculpted a life-size of a little clay boy looking down at his fish in a jam jar that he is holding.

 Third Place was Paulina with her clay torso of a female.  This is her largest sculpture yet and was very pleased with winning the third prize.  The clay sculpture is of a female looking upwards and her long plat cascading down her back.

Caroline talking to people in attendance while demonstrating the art of sculpting


Soprano singer  "Ella K "  sung for us during the 2019 Art Sculpture Exhibition, love listening to her beautiful voice

Ellah K was born a phenomena, born with a visual impairment, she did not allow it to stop her from reaching her goals and passion for music. She is a well-known musician in the Queensland music industry conducting community choirs, teaching singing, playing and performing her original songs in Brisbane and internationally across Asia & Europe.
Her skillsets include singing, composing, writing music arrangement & teaching braille music to visual impaired students.
Complementing her talents is her gift in instrumental music (piano, guitar, ukulele, and percussion).

People viewing one-off original sculpture in the Gallery during the 2019 Annual Art Exhibition.

People enjoying the ambiance at the 2019 Art Exhibition, looking at art while savoring some delicious food and having some punch.

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