Art-lunch, celebrating Christmas at the point of View Restaurant.

Art-Lunch. Every year I celebrate with some of my students, that are not working, during the day at the Point of View restaurant with a Christmas lunch. This year was no exception, the food and service was excellent, some of my students came to the morning session, and then we car pulled to the restaurant, after lunch, we came back to the Art Studio in Birkdale for coffee and where, some of the students also attended an afternoon session.  Sadly the students that were working, were not able to attend until the evening session.  My studio and Art Gallery based in Birkdale, has been operating for the past 18 years, and during that time, I have created more of an Art Sculpturing club, many students have been coming to me for a number of years and have formed long-standing friendships, as many call it their Thursdays Art Therapy sessions, relieving them from their everyday stress and making some time just for themselves.

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Georgette Schwantes

Georgette Schwantes

An accredited TAFE teacher with a lifetime of experience. Georgette now teaches others to create amazing sculptures in a peaceful and positive social environment.

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